Saturday, September 26, 2009

Her Excellency

Starring: Majid Michael, Jackie Appiah and Kalsoume Sinare
This movie is about a young doctor that finds himself in a struggle with
the country Prime Minister . Jakie Appiah plays the  prime minister daughter and
acts as her lawyer. For half of the movie jackie acts like a arrogant and spoiled brat that gets
everything she wants. She will do anything to make the young man life miserable until she finds herself
in as hospital with a heart hospital.Like  I usually say I m not going to spoiled it for you but I  was not too
inpressed with Jackie s acting . The prime minister has nothing better to do  than to wonder around town giving orders, and blackmail people .Everytime her or her daughter are out of their house they are followed by 2 cars and useless men.The acting is way overdone  and  guess what they forgot to take Jakie's lenses when she was in her hospital bed.  Is it worth your time? Maybe because you kind to want  to know  how the movie ends.You can expect love ,Betrayal , Money and Power. Enjoy


My rating is: 60%

Should you watch it: Maybe ( nothing you have not seen before if you watch Nollywood)

Performance of the Actors: OK

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