Thursday, September 24, 2009


Welcome to I love Nollywood,
For those who are already familiar with me you must know that I love Fashion but I have another passion which is the watching Nigerian and Ghanaian. I first fell in love with Naija movies back in 2001 and never knew that there was an big film industry in Africa. Ever since then its like an addiction to me. To date I will not be able to tell you how many Naija movies I  have watched but all I know is that most of the movies I seen are good ones. Let s be honest some the movies are just beyond ridiculous and not worth anyone time. There are some many places online where you see the review of movies before going to see them so why not have one for the biggest African movies industry as well this blog is just my review of the each every movie that I will watch from now on. Two off my dear friends will part of this Adventure as well Andrea , And Ndeye Marie. You will get to know more about them as they will present themselves on their first posts. we will tell you about the good the bad and the ugly. Please feel free to pitch in anytime. Have your pop corn Ready for a night in Nollywood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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