Monday, October 26, 2009

Danger Signal

Starring:Richard Mofe Damijo,Clarion Chukwura - Oduneye,Desmond Elliot, Mary Okolo

Genre: Drama , thriller,


This movie is  about a governor having an affair with a young university student. He is willing to do anything to keep this affair out of the public  and from his wife. The governor 's girfriend has a boyfriend that will do everything in his power to expose the governor by taping the two lovebirds in action. The movie is a political thriller that exposes many family man in Africa who leave their wives home and have affairs with little girls. From the start to the end of the movie you will  be on the edge of your sit. clearly on of of the best thrillers in Nollywood.

My rating is: 90%

Should you watch it: yes yes yes

Performance of the Actors: Great , Richard Mofe Damijo,Clarion Chukwura - Oduneye,Desmond Elliot performance is just of the wook

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  1. Enjoyed watching this movie, but i was disappointed with the ending.