Saturday, October 10, 2009

Paradise Island


Paradise Island - An almost true love story

Staring Jimmy B as "J", Naomi Kamara As: Cynthia", Tuti Haffner as "Foday", Denise Streeter as Mr. Cole, and Enid Finny as "Fatmata"

J is the son of a street vendor who meets a well to do young lady while playing soccer on the beach they strike up a friendship which quickly turns in to love a love that has not been broken regardless of class, distance or time. But as in all good love story's the wealthy father doesn't want his daughter be with the poor handsome young man and soon trouble ensues.
This movie is only an hour long and worth the watch. This is the legacy that Nollywood has with other African nations this movie is from Sierra Leone or "Sollywood". The only thing I have to saw to Nollywood is "step ur game up” in regards to cinematography and acting. Because this movie has you beat!

My rating is: 75%

Should you watch it: YES Great love story "chick flick" for a nice date night at home.

Performance of the Actors: Good English speaking actors and good drama

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