Sunday, November 22, 2009

A weeping Soul 1 & 2 and Sound of pain 1 & 2


Genre: Romance

Overall: We follow the life of a young girl who grows up among life hardest struggles her Parents die when she is very young and just on the cusp of womanhood her only living relative dies. By the kindness of strangers she is able to continue her education. But on one fateful day that all changes and she is banished from the village. She is saved by the church and is allowed to continue her dreams and graduates at the top of her class now working for a multi billion naria company life just can't seem to get any better everyone’s loves her including the bosses’ son. They are soon to be married but then her past catches up with her. Can this yoke be broken? Will she ever be able to love again? Or will the curse prevail. Watch to find out

My rating is: 90%

Should you watch it: For sure maybe I'm a sucker for a good love story with enough intrigue and suspense to keep me interested?

Performance of the Actors: The performances are good. I like the highly educated Van Vicker very sexy in this movie. Mercy .. . always have my girl crying in films but in this one it's ok... it's not to much and in all the right places. The only part I don't like is when faced with awkward situations the village accent comes out...WHY??????? And my main guy Olu Jacobs. What a great actor! Another bangin‘ performance. As a matter of fact the entire cast was excellent and the story was well written. The ending was for sure unexpected but loved it all the same a must watch for sure.

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