Friday, November 13, 2009

Wind Fall

Starring: Stephanie Okereke, Emeka Ike, Kenneth Okonkwo, Ebele Okaro, Ejike Asiegbu, Pete Eneh

Genre: Romance

Alice (Stephanie Okereke) is a beautiful University student who is engaged to Henry (Emeka Ike) a medical doctor who is always on call at the hospital, he has little or no time for her everytime they are together. Along the line, Alice meets this new guy Richard (Keneth Okonkwo) who happens to be giving her all the attention she needs, she now feels appreciated and special and starts falling in love with him. When Henry learn that she is seeing Richard, his world starts to crash as well as his career, health and life.
Both men are ready to go to any lenghts to win her heart. Who will win, Richard the successful business man or Henry the smart young doctor.

My rating is: 70%

Should you watch it: Yes, the 30% are just because I expected the movie to end differently.

Performance of the Actors: Good, I loved all actors specially Kenneth Okonkwo , in my opinion he is one of the best actors in Nollywood, well written script.

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