Friday, December 25, 2009

Guilty Pleasure

Starring: Desmond Elliot, Ramsey Noah,Mercy Johnson, Omoni Oboli, Majid Michael, Nse Ikpe-Etim

Genre; Romance , Drama

Overall:  So before i tell you the story of this movie I got to tell you that Ramsey and Majid in the same movie is just hot hot hot hot !!!!!!!!!!!! . Now that i got that out of my chest here is the story of the movie. Ramsey is workaholic  who hardly find time for his wife. He is al ways passing judgment on the way his wife dresses or even her attitude in public.Majid is Ramsey younger brother who came from abroad and live in his brother's house. Majid falls in love with his brother's wife and the rest is history. OMG the way Majid kisses his brother's wife , i almost felt out my couch .  What will happen ? will he stay with his wife after he finds out she is been cheating ?

My rating is:90%

Should you watch it: Yes Yes  Yes

Performance of the Actors: Outstanting , Mercy Johnson kills her role in this movie.I dont even have to talk about Ramsey the fact that he his hot is enough for me to watch any of his movies.

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  1. I agree! One of the best naija films I have seen in a while :)