Thursday, December 24, 2009

Silent Scandals

Starring:Genevieve Nnaji , Uche Jombo  Majid Michel , Ebele Okaro, Chelsea Eze 

Genre: Romance

 Jessie ( Genevieve ) is a single mother  who  has been many times by men . She has a daughter named Ella  who your typical teenager. She smokes, drinks and stay out every night with her boyfriend Naeto( Majid). After many attempts to stop her daughter bad behavior  Jessie  decides to send her to her in London.Naeto ella's boyfriend falls under hard time because Ella is not There to give him money anymore, he then decides to take a job as a Ella mother's personal Driver .Jessie and Naeto slowly became closer and closer . What would happen ? will Naeto dates mother , and daughter? you will have to watch to find out ..

My rating is: 80%

Should you watch it:This is very good story line and seems to be original however there were several unnecessary scenes and certain situations that did not make  sense. I think you should watch it , you might be a bit disappointed with way the movie ends .

Performance of the Actors: Good  Genevieve performance as  usual is outstanding  .


  1. when does the movie come out?

  2. this movie is been out since las t year