Sunday, January 24, 2010

Margret Thatcher Pt 1&2 ~ Margret Thatcher -The Heartless Queen PT 3&4

Starring: Desmond Elliot, Jackie Appiah

Genre : Drama

Overall : This is a story about a family. Everyone is serving in the church but her. She used to be a church girl as well until a tragic event changed her life forever. Now she goes around and steels and uses men at her will against the family wishes. She even steels her sister’s Boyfriend. But God reigns supreme and A tough lesson in life is learned by all.

My rating is: 30%

Should you watch it: Not unless you have nothing better to do.  Like watch Paint dry LOL

Performance of the Actors: I've noticed lately that Desmond is getting a little too fat. Maybe all that time in the US didn't do him any good. Anyways Jackie was just ok as well but quite frankly it was the actress that played the sister that did it for me. She was good. The main characters names of hilarious Jackie plays Immaculate and nothing can be farther from the truth and the other actress played Gift. LOL. The killer here was that the movie was way too long. It was a good subject... What happens when the parents stop being parents and are always the pastor in and outside of the home? But they couldn't tie the issues the characters faced in a sensible dialogue. This movie is only a watch if you are getting your hair braided or something.

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