Friday, January 8, 2010

White Waters

Starring: Rita Dominic ,OC Ukeje, Joke Silva

Genre: Drama ,Romance

Overall: Melvin (OC Ukeje ) is a mentally challenge kid  ,that gets send away by her mother to the village because his stepfather did not want to deal with him. He ends up living with his grand mother who cares for him just like her own son . Melvin grand mother has a chronic disease that requires her to get medication all the time from the  village doctor. Being an old woman every time she has an attack she has to send Melvin to get her medication. By running since his young age Melvin  becomes one of  the best runner in the village and gets discovered by the state team who recruits him to become part of the team . Melvin   then felt  in love with Norlah ( Rita)one of his teammate.What will happen ? will Norlah gives him a chance ? you have to watch to find out  ...............

My rating is:80%

Should you watch it: yes

Performance of the Actors:  I gave 80% to this movie because i felt that there was no on screen chemistry between the two lead actors.  Rita was not fit to be a runner  . The story is not believable at all , although this a good story line.

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