Sunday, January 24, 2010

Women on top

Starring: St. Obi, Stephnie Okereke, Ifeoma Anyiam, Steve Eboh, Andy Chukwu,Uche Elendu, Cynthia Okereke, Chikezie Uwaizi, Esther Aikpokpoje

Genre: Romance

Overall: Kevin (St Obi) is a well-to-do businessman who falls in love with single mother’s daughter, Nancy (Stphnie Okereke). He assumes he’s on top of her love because he showers her with money. Nancy uses this head over heels type of fall to her advantage by pilfering money from Kevin in return for no love. Lies after lies and deceptions after deceptions on Nancy’s part the relationship continues.( Source).
I read a review about this movie before watching it  and I really thought that  it was going to  be a good one. I was disappointed    because there was really no story line . Just a girl cheating on her boyfriend and getting caught all the time . I did not finish the whole thing because it was not going anywhere.

My rating is: 30%

Should you watch it: nope , boring

Performance of the Actors: just ok

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