Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Without shame 1&2

Starring: Zack Orji, Bukky Wright,Georgina Onuoha, Bimbo Akintola, Yemi Blaq

Genre: Drama

Overall:This movie is about love , sex and Sex .Zack is a married man who happen to be like 70% of the men a cheater. Anyways by telling you the synopsis  I might reveal the whole movie.

My rating is: Good story line , and close to Reality , I am giving it 65% because of the bad editing

Spoiler alert: I was planning on watching this movie for the longest time.So like any other Naija movie there are many things that really do not make sense . The boy that plays the  lousy son cannot act at all . He is  a little over dramatic in his scenes. The sister just packed up and came to house without any calls nothing  although I understand that people just came to your house in Africa without calling . If you came to the house and your sister isn't there would you stay or would you leave ? I was LMAO when zack  was sitting in one of scenes reading a newspaper in the dark . Come on director please edit edit  and edit .........
I like the fact that Zack really tried to get back his wife but she was really hard on him. That part felt really  real I ca see a man trying to do that.

Should you watch it: Fairly descent movie

Performance of the Actors: Good

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