Monday, September 20, 2010

Men In Love Part 1 2 3

Starring: Tonto Dikeh as Whitney, John Dumelo as Charles, Muna Obiekwe as Alex

Genre: Drama

Overall: The intricacies of marriage and the delicately torpid route is a must for every marriage for every couple. Charles' escapades have always been the bane in his marriage. His wife Whitney dearly loves her husband and would do all it takes to hold on to the pieces. Queries and reconciliation dictates the union on a daily basis, but for how much longer? What happens if the problems simply become intolerable his flagrancy transcends beyond established norms

My rating is: 20%

Should you watch it: Still not sure based on what I saw. If you watch you’ll know what I mean.

Performance of the Actors: OK so here it goes. I’m going to review this movie in two parts.


Part 1: The Objective Professional

This is 9ja’s version and call to Broke back Mountain. If this was Hollyweird John Dumelo would have been nominated for an Oscar Muna would be best supporting actor. The fact that a Nollywood movie is openly exploring the act of homosexuality in an open albeit convoluted way is very brave. I saw some of the interviews where John was defending himself saying he wasn’t gay & that he was just acting and I felt for the guy. The truth is all actors hope to land a role in which everyone talks about how great your acting was. And I believe this was an attempt at that. The problem with this film is that it was too long, unrealistic and poorly written.

Part 2: The Unprofessional

Many of you out there might be mad at my response but on a personally level this film was disgusting. I mean really how many women can you sleep with and go back and sleep with your wife. And then bet the Twinkie in a man on man relationship. It was obvious that you were not using condoms since by the beginning of part 3 Tonto is preggers. I mean really has anybody ever heard of HIV / AIDS!!!!!!!!!!!! Nimrods!!!!!! The entire angle that through rape John is converted in to a homosexual and then charmed in to loving Alex is soooo farfetched that it was practically retarded. And that scene where she catches them in the act made me cringe... maybe it was the wife in me that felt her pain. But really at that point I was like Batty man fi dead! That couldn’t be me. If that was my hubby I would have to kill somebody.

Anyways watch the movie if you wish but over all I gave the movie a 20 because the acting wasn’t up to snuff from my regulars – maybe due to the subject matter and also the writing wasn’t there for a good story line.


  1. i love nollywood, but some of the movies make me resolve neva to watch other movies...but i just find myself still watchin. well, i beliv we'l get better soon. about ur blog, it is real nice...and especially the concept of 'ilovenollywood'- very nice

  2. Hi Tony Thanks for commenting. I agree I'm a true Nollywood addict. I still watch even if I am disgusted. Thanks for visiting the blog and if you have suggestions please feel free to drop a line.