Saturday, October 17, 2009

Kiss of Venom Part I & II

Starring: Jim Iyke, Nuella Njubigbo, Majid Michael

Genre: Romance + Drama

See what happened to a married woman when her husband was too busy with work and her ex boyfriend was back in town: Rahim spends six years of his life in jail for killing two men in the defense and honor of his girlfriend Kate. She makes a vow that she will remain faithful to him, even if he is away from her for a considerable length of time. Kate eventually marries Fred while Rahim is still in prison, and even bears a child during the course of the marriage. Trouble ensues when Rahim is released from prison and Fred and Kate's marriage is simultaneously experiencing issues with intimacy due to a lack of communication between the two, as Fred tends to be greatly and overly consumed with work.

My rating is: 70%

Should you watch it: Yes, I didn't fast forward while I was watching, so I guess it's a good sign.

Performance of the Actors:Good, I love Jim Iyke and Majid Michel, to me the script was simple and well written.

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