Monday, October 12, 2009

My Loving Heart


Staring: Stella Dumasus, Yul Edochie, Tchidi Chikere, Prince Eke, Yvonne Nelson.

Bob is a multi millionaire business man who needs a heart transplant. He is told to settle his affairs because he may not get a heart transplant. While he is trying to find a new home for his pet rabbit he comes across a beautiful young lady who gives him a new lease on life. It is during one of their dates that his heart gives out and he is rushed to the hospital. After this episodeYvonne leaves him because he is dying. And although he tries everything to get her back she says that she will only take him if he leaves 80% of his fortune since he will be gone anyways. He refuses and decides to make an appeal on TV for a transplant.
A morning housewife see’s his appeal and decides to give him her dead husband’s heart but doesn’t wish to be known. It is in his quest to find the owner of the heart that the story really begins. Can someone else’s heart lead you to true love? Or is it unfinished business?

My rating is: 65%

Should you watch it?
YES, on a quiet Sat or Sun afternoon.

Performance of the Actors:
Since this movie was filmed after princess Tyra is makes a person wonder if Yvonne Nelson has talent because either she is poor at acting in this movie or she is poorly directed. Things that make you go hum..... But the girl is beautiful.... wondering who does her weave. As for the other actors everyone is just so, so that’s why it got a low make but the story is decent.

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  1. I seen this one too and trust me you almost want to be in the movie that how strong the love is in this movie. I did not like the end though.
    Thanks honey