Monday, October 12, 2009


OVERALL Staring: Dele Odule (Chief / husband), Toyin Afolayan (Mama Toke / 2nd wife), Busayo Balagun (stepdaughter / Toke), Dupe Jaiyesimi (Mama Demilade / 1st wife), Biola Adebayo (daughter), Bose Adesanya (Tayo / fiancé)

A man has married two wives. The 1st wife has the man biological child and the second more flamboyant wife has the husbands step child, all women. It’s almost like they lives two completely separate lives yet they occupy the same house. The 1st wife and child are bible believing christens while the second wife and her child are club hopping harlots. The 2nd wife day in and out insults the 1st wife and her child and the 1st wife and her child try to retaliate but always maintain their distance because it‘s the right thing to do. No matter how much the 1st wife complains it seems as if the husband never listens. So the first wife takes things in to her own hands and holds nightly prayer vigils for GOD to accomplish the task of bring peace back to the home. The 2nd wife and her child do everything in their power to foil this.
As time goes on the stepchild meets a “London bloke” and has a relationship with him. They decide to get married and take the blood test but while at the doctor the stepdaughter collapse. The fiancĂ© finds out that she’s 4 months pregnant but the problem is that they have only been together for 2 months... So whose baby is it? So the guy tells her to scram and now the step daughter calls the Stepfather home to complain but when he arrives he wants to sleep with her. Then it’s revealed that she was sleeping with the Stepfather the whole time. The 2nd wife over hears this and beats the both of them and kicks her child out the house. During al the commotion the 1st wife and child over hear all of this.
When confronted the Father reveals how the stepdaughter seduced him and that it was an act of the devil...(Typical naija film always blaming things on the devil) in the end the step daughter is warned not to get an abortion but she does anyways and she goes back to her mother’s house to confront the mother. The 2nd wife cusses her out but then the daughter reveals “isn’t this all you taught me mom how to do all the dirty things to get a man I seduced your husband but didn’t you teach me) with that she collapse again and dies. Although the movie ends there it’s still good because I like when the evil characters get what they deserve.
This is for my non Naija peeps in the house
ojoro - definition - Nigerian slang: meaning to accomplish/achieve objectives by methods of a fraudulent wait for the right time?

My rating is: 80%.

Should you watch it?
YES, unlike some of the English Nollywood movies out there Yoruba movies have a life of their own. With the format of Hollywood movies they have a great story line and don’t drag on forever. The subtitles are good if you don’t speak the language. Easy to follow the story.

Performance of the Actors:
Strong performances, direct and made sense. The emotion was there loved it. This is a hard to find online movie so visit your local nollywood moviestore.

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