Monday, October 12, 2009

Passion of The Soul 3 and 4

OVERALL Staring: Majid Michel, Jackie Appiah, Ecow Smith Asante,Yvonne Nelson,Fritz Baffour, Eddie Nartey.
Poverty is indeed a curse. Joe fell for Roger and Kwame's silly idea of robbing a white man. In the process Roger and Kwame got shot and he was arrested. Now his case is before Najah’s father the supreme chief justice. Through Najah’s father wished he could put to jail for life his daughter was able to convince him otherwise one condition. Time passes by and they both move on with their lives and become successful.
A chance meeting in a local grocery store is about to change all that and secrets are revealed that can either destroy them both or bring them back together.
Does love really die? Or does it wait for the right time? Watch and find out.

My rating is: Again another strong 95%. It started to drag a little but as you watch the movie you’ll find out why

Should you watch it?YES, YES, YES I have to say it again? Performance of the Actors:
Strong performances, still in love with the theme song. Majids Acting got a little campy towards the end but what can you do, I’m in love with the film and I forgive him.


  1. i love this movie so much, i watchin this movie everyday, and love the song!!

  2. i love this movie and the song :)