Friday, October 16, 2009


Starring:Van Vicker, Desmond Elliot, Ramsey Noah, Uche Jombo, Stephanie Okereke, Mona Lisa Chinda, Rita Dominic, Ini Edo

Genre: Romance and Drama,Betrayal

This movie is a about a Narrator that takes her viewers into the lives of her friends. As you can tell by the cast name this movie is really good. Rita ( the narrator talks about everybody naivety thinking that her heart will never be broken. NO  worries the way her heart will split up will be worse than any of the girls.All the girls in the movie face some kind of challenge with their men. The movie is very interesting although  I was a bit disappointed  with such a good cast.There are a lot of stories unfolding as the same time  so no need for me to get into each of them. 

My rating is:89%

Should you watch it: yes of course

Performance of the Actors: Good


  1. Best movie of 2009 for me! without a doubt!

  2. LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!