Saturday, October 3, 2009

Stone Face

This movie stars some of my favorite actors & actresses in Nollywood. Ramsey Noah, Nadia Buari, Clem Ohameze , Ngozi Ezeonu, & Uche Jombo. Although this is a little bit of an oldie it's still a goody. The movie has a good story line and gets to the point. I’ll reveal a little secret about what’s happening in this film. It’s about a beautiful and brilliant girl who stands up for her morals and uses her brain; unfortunately she is not valued for it except by the president’s son. I love the ending there is a twist. And it’s also a movie for those that are tired of Nollywood movies that are told in parts 1 thru 6 when by the end of them they could have been told in parts 1 thru 2. Take a look

My rating is: 90%

Should you watch it: Yes

Performance of the Actors:It’s a must watch! If for nothing else then for Uche’s acting alone.
Nadia’s acting is a little green but the story makes up for it.

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