Saturday, October 3, 2009

Bad Egg

Two sisters return from America after graduating from Harvard and are given prestigious positions in their fathers company Winnie is the one who is the clear favorite because she appreciate the opportunity that her father has provided while Stephanie is the problem child in this movie after she neglects her duties and spends her days smoking and drinking and fighting with the daughters of high ranking officials.
While at the palace the king and queen disapprove of the prince Samuels choice for a bride named Edna from a neighboring village and the “royals send her away” as they deem her unfit to be the future queen
But this is the hallmark of trouble yet to come.

My rating is: 25%

Should you watch it: It's a must see when u have nothing else to do.
Performance of the Actors: trying at best
Nadia is getting better

This movie is funny in some parts, Because Ngozi is such a wonderful and seasoned actress she gives these subtle looks throughout the movie and her facial expressions really speak volumes

Loved it when Desmond confronts his mother it’s a must watch scene.

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