Sunday, December 20, 2009

Stubborn Prince

Starring: Majid Michael

Genre: Drama

Overall: The prince will not listen to his family he decides to go down the wrong path with some very fearful results. He later repents but the damage has been done.

My rating is: 50%

Should you watch it: You can if u love Magid. This is a slow movie. Typical and slightly boring

Performance of the Actors: So the Problem I have with Majid is that he has the tendency to overact. I can't blame him though in this movie only because the actress who plays his love interest beat him to the punch. Talk about Gaudy acting. It was like watching Wendy Williams trying to break through in a pretty young actress. The over acting could have also been due to the poor direction. Some of the scenes were just unbelievable. Remember Nollywood as much as I love you. Your story goes a long way with a little reality... an example for those who watch the movie (SPOLIER ALERT!!!!!!!) check out the informant from the rival gang. Who excuses themselves in the middle of planning an attack and furthermore who makes a phone call under a desk that can barely cover your bum! LMAO..See what I mean? Try harder and you'll be breaking the Hollywood market soon enough!

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