Sunday, December 20, 2009

Virginity 1, 2,3,4

Starring: Jackie Appiah, Desmond Elliot

Genre: Drama , love , Explicit 

This movie is about a young woman ( Jackie ) telling her story to a TV show .  I  should start by saying if you intend to watch this movie with your kids think Again . The movie has some very adult scenes that are not for children . Anyways  (Jackie ) has been through tick and thin in her life. After the death of her  dad and disappearance of her mother she was bound to stay i believe with her step mother who will use her as a prostitute. At some point she manages to escape only to find herself with some arms robbers. To make long story short after all her trouble she finally felt in love with Desmond  who is  a drug dealers................ To find out  what is going to happen u have to watch the movie.

My rating is:95%

Should you watch it:  yes ,  you will  be guessing all throughout the movie. There will be  quite a few surprises Although  I am kind of tired of love stories in Nollywood  this movie was interesting.I could not help but notice  that Desmond Elliot  took a few pounds . He is no longer that sexy nollywood leading man .

Performance of the Actors: As usual  my girl Jackie  who was  such an innocent girl when the movie started turned to a Junkie by the end of the movie. She is so versatile and her performance is just off the hook.This is one of the best stories in Nollywood.

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