Monday, February 15, 2010

Dangerous Angels 1&2

Starring: Ini Edo, Nonso Diobi, Tonto Dike , Halima Abubakar  

Genre: Drama

Overall: This Movie is about  campus rivalry between two girls that hate each others guts. Foxy Mama( Tonto Dikeh ) runs  a girl cult on campus , she is into prostitution, smoking and drinking. Amanda is a fairly nice girl but that is until  foxy mama steps on her toes. They start dating the same man, and  playing each other. Who will win the battle ? you will have to watch to find out .

My rating is:  60%

Should you watch it: I know we've all seen  Campus movies ,but this one is somewhat hilarious. Although they are supposed to be in school  the girls never go in class. There should be  a part 3 to the movie because  there are plenty of stories that were left unfinished. Amanda dad's get kidnapped and when never know what happens to him.

Performance of the Actors: Tonto is a very good actress and she played her part very well and her hair looks fabulous.

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