Friday, February 26, 2010

Under control 1&2


Genre : Drama, Mystery

Overall: Eve sleeps with an ex-boyfriend on the night before her wedding to her unsuspecting husband, When she gets pregnant she knows her husband was not responsible to the pregnancy and she does not have the courage to tell her husband, But when she dies mysteriously and her daughter is no where to be found. Questions are obviously been asked....(Source).This  is for sure one the worst mystery I have ever seen  in Nollywood. The first part is about 2 hours   and felt like the movie was never ending . Question after question after question.  There is something that kept me watching the movie.How can they cast such A good actress as Mercy and kill her  from the movie about 40 minutes after ........ 

Spoilers: Don't read if you planning on wathing the movie.
Ok the first thing was the opening scene ( mercy anf Nonso) you can see the mike ) . Second flop , Mercy goes to the police to let them know what happenned not when it happened ( at night) but the next day ( Uhmmmmmm maybe she was not terrified after all ).Mercy told her hubby that she was attacked, he was not surprise nor did he cut his trip short to come home to his family.( common sense. Fourth Flop the police decided to give Mercy and her daughter 24 hours protection ( uhmmmm unless u are super rich and famous as far a I know in Nigeria or in Mali( my country ) the police don' t have time to take care of ordinary citizens ( Common Sense ). The funny thing is that the bad guy will give you better protection than the police. 40 minutes into this movie I did not know the story of the movie .The huband ( Nonso ) after finding out that his wife passed away he decided to hire a private investigator .When we first met him he was driving a car and for reason when he leaves Nonso's house he walks and at night Lol ...............

My rating is: 30%

Should you watch it: I really don't know what to say , this is really a big waste of time ,  I watched it because I did not have anything better to do and of course I had to let you know .

Performance of the Actors: ok

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