Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Queens Pride

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Starring: John Demelo as Sagama, Juliet Ibrahim as Floxy,Yvonne Nelson as Alia, Kalsum Sinari as The Queen and Emma Emoabina as The Prince
Genre : Romance/Drama

Overall: This is the tale of Queen of Anaba Land (Kalsum Sinare) who decides to give her daughter (Yvonne Nelson) to the Prince of Zongaland (Emma Emoabina).Little does she know that the Princess has fallen in love with a common servant of the Anaba throne called Sagama. Can the plan for her daughters marriage come between the love of that the princess has for her "non royal"prince? Watch to find out.

My rating is: 90%

Should you watch it: 

This is a good movie because it has an excellent story. Gollywood is stepping up. And while I hear the crickets chirping I ask....Where my Nollywood at? The key to this movie is the storyline although not the best cinematography in the world It kept me glued enough to want to watch part 2 and 3. A good foundation always builds a strong house.

Performance of the Actors: It was an easy watch and had just enough heat to make you forget it was John and Yvonne playing the characters... You started watching Sagama and Alia. Bravo! I have criticized Yvonne in the past but if she continues on this good acting track I may just forgive her. As for Juliet I like her in supporting roles. She still annoyed me in this movie but I have seen worse. She's getting better.

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