Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sisters in love 1&2

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Genre: Drama , Romance

Overall: One sister (Melissa) intention is to fall in love while the other (Mildred) is seeking revenge at her sister due to her lack of not finding love. Without her sister knowing, Mildred pursued a relationship with Koby, while he was not aware that she was a twin to Melissa whom he was in love with. Will he find out who he is really dating?

My rating is:  75% only because the movie was way too long

Spoilers Alert : OMG is this movie started   so hot . We see Mercy  ( Melissa) and her twin sister ( Mildred) getting ready for work . One works at the bank and the other at the reception of a hotel .They both look fabulous as usual . The second scene we see   is Mercy coming  out to the pool and change into these 2 peices swimwear . Mercy might not be beautiful as these other Naija actresses but she looks hotttttttt. Anyways the sisters kept playing theses tricks on  Koby ( the boyfriend), I knew that this might end up bad . Because although  they might have  different characters both of them were attracted to Koby.
 Things that did not make sense
We ve seen these twins roles over and over in Naija movies and i got to say that some of them did better than this movie. How many times do you see grown twins having the same hairstyles.I can understand for the sake of movie they might make it the same but please. There is a scene in the movie where Mercy and Mike go to the pool and she was even then wearing her glasses. How come Melissa ( the good twin ) never calls when kobby is with Mildred (the bad twin ) .   How come the mother let one of the twins marry koby knowing that they both slept with him. Koby mysteriously  start falling in love with Melissa in part 3and 4. 
The Director needs to  hire a better make artist in his next movie because Mercy face was a big mess .This is 2010 come on the stars can afford better wigs.

Should you watch it: Yes

Performance of the Actors: Wow Mike and Mercy blew me away both of them really got into the role and made their love story believable.  It made think about the  the first time a girl fall in love and thinks that the world turns around Uhmmmm I am starting to like Mike  in  these love stories.

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