Sunday, April 25, 2010


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Starring: MIKE EZURUONYE as Eric, OLU JACOBS as Nadule, PATIENCE OZOKWOR as   Ogoh, INI EDO as Esther, JOHN DUMELO as Osondu, JOYCE KALU as Nkiru

Genre: Drama

Overall: One man's desperate need for a male son caused so much rage, hurt and revenge among his children after he passed away that the remaining family members banished their brother from the village hoping that he will die. But fate is a funny thing and the man’s destiny turned around. Disaster has struck and the family has tried to find a way out. It seems now the brother that was banished all those years ago hold the key to their survival. Destiny has come to fulfill it course............Who pays the price of honesty?

 My rating is: 75%

 Should you watch it: Yes

 Performance of the Actors:  Mike is one of my favorite actors in Nollywood. I really have to say that this role surprised me. I feel that in the past he has been type cast because he has the "angry" "spoiled brat" face that he usually does all the time. This film was different although slowing his speech may have on purpose to portray the character as a wise thoughtful man his expression and emotions in this film were on point. He was perfect for the role. As usual Patience was awesome. I love this woman in any role she plays. I think her acting brings out the best in the other actors making it for a good film. It's a good story line and could have been left there, but in true Nollywood fashion there is a part 3&4 under a different name. No spoilers this time around for sure worth your time and money.

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