Thursday, April 15, 2010

My fantasy 1,2,4&4

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Starring: Tonto Dikeh, John Dumelo

Genre: Warning Not for Kids  , love ,sex , betrayal

Overall :Rose (Tonto Dikeh) was vibrant, so expectant, and relishing the idea of finally getting married to the love of her life. But all the fantasies turned illusions as a result of her fathers indiscretions, an inexcusable act of thievery. To recompense for his mistake, he had to trade in his daughter (Rose) to Sir Rufus; the beast of a man who had no emotions, moral and ethical considerations. Her life turns from happy to hell, and it was just a matter of time before she caved in to the desires of her roaring devourer.

I don't even know where to  start with this movie. I was amazed as to how they pushed it to far in this movies. I understand that  its something new but man . ....... Anyways the movie is too long and the ending is disappointing .  I will not give you any Spoiler on this one  ,so have fun 
My rating is: 60%

Should you watch it: oh yes , you should it will open your eyes

Performance of the Actors: good

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