Sunday, May 9, 2010

Deadly Emotions 1, 2, 3

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Starring: Ramsey Nouah – Rocky, Patience Ozokwor – Mrs Osondu, Annabel Amanda Dilo- Annabel

Genre: Drama
Overall: Annabel, 16 is raped one fateful evening in front of her parents and younger brother by four hoodlums. The rape issue is kept a family secret until her father commits suicide. Annabel becomes self destructive as she begins to sleep indiscriminately with men. Unfortunately, the gang leader who assaulted her was a victim of chlid labor who became a hoodlum as a means to quick and easy survival. But fate again brings these two together in what turns out to be the base of a very compelling and very shocking movie.

My rating is: 30%

Should you watch it: If only for the good but unrealistic message in the movie.  This movie was too long and drawn out and apparently it was based on a true story. I bet the real story is much more compelling. I won’t give up any spoilers but really it’s not worth your time.

Performance of the Actors: On a more serious note NO they were not good. This movie was done half heartedly. The main charter Annabel was a hot mess. But the others I thought would have been good....They were not!

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