Sunday, May 9, 2010

Who Loves Me part 1, 2 (Part 3 coming soon)

Starring: Jackie Appiah as Chantel / Jasmine, Majid Michel as David, Kaluse Sinare as Akosun, Kama Brow as Grandma Jane, Artus frank as Rick

Genre: Romance

Overall: Wealth and fame were hers for keep, but true love was hers for want. Chantel deprived herself of love; with a desperate and intended focus on her work for fear that she might die of a terminal heart disease. However, David’s sudden presence in her life was perhaps irresistible, and his mothers noble gesture echoed the idea of a pre-destined, perfect duo even further. But was this preset of a scintillating fairy tale, deserved of a happy ending?
A consummate, gripping, captivating and twisted tale of indifference, agony, love.

My rating is: 40%

Should you watch it? If only to see Majid grow a beard and Jackie in some cute outfits

Performance of the Actors: Really this is the most overly dramatic and over dramatized weak screenplay ever. Some movies do not need to be made. I can’t even comment on the acting because I know these two actors are good I’m boiling it down to script and direction. So Jackie, Majid, Kaluse and Kama Pass go and collect $200 and don’t look back!

SPOILER ALERT! ...Only a little :-D

The concept of this story is good but the drama overshadows the possibility of a good story and how unethical is that heart transplant scene. And how creepy is it when the mother professes her undying love for the child by saying that he is also her husband. And really how much more obsessive is this dude! In today’s world he would be in some deep physiological therapies. And was there ever really a choice to make between these guys? Just for the simple fact that His Mother committed suicide to save you kind of makes you indebted to be to the dude. As this story drags on I’m wondering if my strawberries are ripe enough to that bad?

Ok folks I’m almost near the end of the movie and the suffering. I really love the followers can you tell.

OMG a part 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!I hope when it comes out the torture doesn’t continue

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  1. Part 3 is a shocker. I was just as shocked as Majid. my mouth dropped