Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kiss Me If You Can

Starring: Prince David Osei, Martha Ankomah, Kobi Rana, Doris Sackitey

Genre: Romance / Drama

Overall: The story is about two couples 1 who is deeply in love and 1 who never thought they would fall in love again

My rating is: 10%

Should you watch it: The opening scene in this movie is so funny and crazy. Ok the bathroom scene at 6 mins 25 sec is so dry I mean who smokes with no ashtray. Ok so I was looking forward to seeing this movie but as of 28.54 I realized that I can hardly get through this movie it’s very dry OMG can it get any dryer then this?

Performance of the Actors: Near the end of part 2 I realized that the acting could be better but really it’s just a very dry story very disappointed

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