Sunday, May 9, 2010

Shadows of Dust 1 & 2

Starring: Van Vicker as Akoji, Yul Edochie as Achile, Queen Nwokoye as Ajanigo

Genre: Romance

Overall: The trail to history's path is never totally wiped off and the act of the past re-emerges to haunt us in the future. Akoji (Van Vicker) and Ajas' relationship is a test of the litmus, camouflaged and burdened with continuous misunderstandings. The slightest mistake by one partner flairs up passion and threatens to derail the delicate union. The more they try at finding answers to their constant quarrels, the deeper their problem compounds. But have they looked deep enough? Do answers for problems of the present lie in the acts of the past?

My rating is: 15%

Should you watch it: NO NO NO

Performance of the Actors: everybody seems like they are on vacation in this movie nobody is good or bad the movie lack direction and sustainable story... sorry it has a few of my faves but again a flop.

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