Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fifth Wife Pt 1 & 2

Genre: Drama

Starring: INI Edo as Nancy, JIM LAWSON as Gbaka, AKUME AKUME as Sachia and JOY TORTY as Mimi

Overall: A family separates a couple in love and a child is born of the union. Despite everything they both still become successful. Fate tries to bring them together but a jealous father tries his best to kill him because the son doesn’t support a 5th wife. All hell breaks loose when God becomes involved... What is hidden in the dark must come to light.

My rating is: 70%

Performance of the Actors: Everyone is ok not great but ok. Ini is my girl her role could have been greater then portraying the long suffering ex. The story line could have been better if some parts were edited more. I like the concept of the movie but didn’t like the ending it seemed in conclusive

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