Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Messengers Wife Pt 1 & 2

Starring: Jackie Appiah as Jacqueline, Joseph Pamfo as Chief, Ebenezer Donkor as Aygatu, Van Vicker as James, Tina Osei Owusu as Gina, Benny Agbemebiase as Mary Ann

Genre: Romance / Drama

Overall: A girl is in love with another man who is poor. Her parents want her to marry another man who is half her size but wealthy.

My rating is: 3%

Should you watch it: Except the first 15 mins NO

Performance of the Actors: Jackie is playing her part excellently. If I was the mother I would have knocked her out by now. I like in the bad girl role. Despite all of this I couldn't get through the entire movie. Very Bad avoid at all costs.


  1. lol 3% then i must not waist my time

  2. It was really bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Warning: This movie will waste your time! Please do not buy it they are trying to trick you.

    I saw this movie on another reviews site and I saw something fishy with the casting. Then, I found out the movie is two completely different movies combined. The first one with Van Vicker And Tina is called Waso Eden (also known as Waso Nte Asem) The other movie with Jackie Appiah and the guy half her size is called Medo.

    Do Not Waste Your Time! The cover is all a mirage! I bet you did not see Majid Michel anywhere in the movie. Do you know what is worser? The sequel to this is Angels Before Me.
    Angels Before Me is also fake! The cover is just a mirage!