Friday, July 9, 2010

Scent Of A Woman

Starring: John Dumelo as Ben Hilary, Olu Jacbos as Chief Smith, Jim Lawson Maduike as Chief Geroge, Patience Ozokwor as Mrs Geroge, Ucher Ebere as Mrs Hilary, Mercy Johnson as Sherry Smith ,Ken Erics as JohnBull.

Genre: Drama / Romance

Overall: Ben is sent away after his father dies. He returns a successful man 5 years later it is now up to him to carry on the family legacy, But through a strange set of circumstance the company falls in to the hands of a seemingly incompetent rival. War breaks loose in the battle for control but as the saying goes all is fair in love and war.

My rating is:70%

Should you watch it: Why not I think it’s. A good Sunday Afternoon Movie.

Performance of the Actors: This is one of the first times I think my girl Mercy was very un-sexual. In the scenes between Jim and John there is no spark and no sizzle. John has disappointed me in this Movie But I forgive him he did me proud in 4 Play Why was all the acting so wooden It was like there were never really comfortable with each other and That ending Couldn’t it have been.....More Conclusive. The movie is called Sent of A Woman yet as normal the title had nothing to do with the movie. It should have been called “Corporate Takeover.” As usual and never disappointing Olu and Patience were awesome. My brother who normally doesn’t watch movies were laughing and following along with the movie.

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