Thursday, July 8, 2010

4 Play Part 1 &2 &3

This is a repost of the original review on part 1...yes it's that good!!!!

Starring: The Good = Jackie Appiah as Jezel and John Dumelo as Rex; The Bad Yvonne Okoro as Ruby Omar Sherif as Jayke; The Ugly =Roseline as Angie Majid Michel as Alvin; the Dirty, played by Juliet Ibrahim as Nivera

Genre: Drama/Romance

Overall: “4PLAY” is a romantic comedy filled with love, lies, deceit and betrayal created around four best friends. It tells a story of four industrious young ladies and best friends who happens to be caught up with the wrong men in a deceptive web of love.

My rating is: 98%

Should you watch it: If you don't you will miss one of the best African movies made this year.

Performance of the Actors: Ok folks so now that I have all the parts of the movie and was able to watch it uninterrupted. I have to say it was more entertaining and well done then most American movies. The only problem was that it wasn't long enough to fully complete the story lines. The only thing I hated about it was the very end. Can we stop trying to be special and different and not role the credits before the actors have finished acting! It looks like the gag reel that you sometimes see at the end of movies.

All the actors played their parts to perfection. Unlike "Who Loves Me” from the same stable of actors , writers and producers, This little melodrama was worth the wait and worth my time. Thank you! Writers, Directors, Editors and Actors. I thought I was getting a little lost in the shuffle with the uninteresting stories coming out lately as you can tell from my previous posts they have been less then inspiring.

Keep up the good work. OSCAR here we come.

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