Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Act of Faith 1&2


Genre: Drama/Romance

Overall: Lesley and Uchenne have been praying and fasting for the fruit of the womb, But just when they thought that God was about to answer their prayers Uchenna was raped during an armed robbery attack

Traumatized and mentally depressed due to the rape, Now she is pregnant, And all their faith is put to the test......

My rating is:80%
Should you watch it: Yes. an oldie but goodie

Performance of the Actors: Everyone in this movie was good. They played their roles well. The only scene i hated was the one after Mercy was raped and in the mental ward. I know people will manifest their shock differently but really....? Anyways Patience was on point as usual especially when she first finds out about the rape LMAO, loved it and Mike was really believable as the outraged husband. A simple movie with a good story and message for sure.

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