Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Game 1 & 2

Starring: Yvonne Nelson as Shantel, Mijid Michel as Teddy, John Dumelo as Ronny, Yvonne Okoro as Brandy, Johanes Maier as Bill
Genre: Drama/ Thriller
Overall: "THE GAME" A gripping plot, set against the high flying social fabric of modern Ghana! "The GAME" delivers perfect grounds for a perfect murder, betrayal, greed, intrigue and revenge. ...When these stakes are high, even love comes laced with a motive. A face becomes a mask, handsome, beautiful or ugly, you never can tell what’s behind it! ... Who wins the game? ... One who plays to win or the one who plays to defeat?
My rating is: 98%
Should you watch it: Yes
Performance of the Actors: Another banger from Frank Rajah Arase. Everyone was off the chain, Very believable. Not feeling Yvonne Okoro’s face/lip ring but what every still beautiful and really did Frank have the put that line in the movie about himself and what is with the cop always eating oranges. For those little things they annoyed me enough to give a 98% I almost thought that nothing could be better than 4 Play, I must say that I have a tie.


  1. this movie is a rip off of a bollywood movie called "RACE" with saif ali khan and bipasha basu....dunno why they always have to steal stories that are not originally theirs. i love ur blog, i'm following...holler!

  2. @ Nigerian Film and TV Addict. I hear that many films today Hollywood, Gollywood, Nollywood, etc have repeated story lines. Thanks for following! If you have any suggestions you wish to see review please feel free to reach out.