Sunday, September 5, 2010

Soul Desire 1 & 2

Starring: Tonto Dikeh as Imelda, James Gardener as Mike , Ecow Smith Asante as Dave, Dominic Kofi Demordzi as Alex, Ruffy Samuel as Jeff

Genre: Drama / Romance

Overall: Jeff and Imelda are deeply in love but Imelda is lonely Jeff is always working and no matter how hard she tries to keep the romance alive Jeff pays attention for a moment and then he is gone. Then she meets Mike. Mike gives her all the things her husband won’t and more but at what price? Will she find the strength to fight it?

My rating is: 80%

Should you watch it: Yes

Performance of the Actors: First the bad: Can we get rid of those wack Americana accents...PLEASE!!!!!!!!! They run throughout the movie to the annoyance of my ears. And please Mr. Soundman can you ensure you’re getting good sound so that when the editors (if they exist) are doing their thing we don’t have to strain to hear what they are saying.

Now for the good: This is a real good a touching story line. And folks this really happens loneliness can drive a man or woman to areas that they never thought they would go. Head the message in this movie and make sure you show the one you are with all the love in the world.

Some of the scenes are too long like the phone scene in the bed and there is too much of the slow motion thing throughout the movie but over all a good movie.

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