Sunday, October 24, 2010

High Blood Pressure 1,2,3

Starring: Kanayo O Kanayo as Sentor Steve, Clarion Chukwurah as Grace, Jibola Dabor as Otunba, Yemi Blaq as Paul, Lillian Bach as Evelyn, Adamma Oguike as Tine,

Genre: Drama

Overall: Senator Steve Oluwasegun Williams was sure he was directly in control of his life and destiny. With a distinguished eight year career in the Nigerian senate, he was set on his way as frontrunner in the race to become the next executive governor of his state. After a botched assassination attempt and catching his wife in bed with his (PA) personal assistant, everything changed, and between his over ambitious wife Grace, who would stop at nothing to achieve her aims and the Otumba, his overbearing political godfather, who had spent over 700 million Naira and counting to make him the next state governor and to whom politics was nothing but a blood sport. He is gradually realizing that he had all along been a mere pawn in their game of chess. An intriguing political thriller that exposes the extends of money, sex and murder in the quest for political power in Nigeria.

My rating is: 80%

Should you watch it: This is a very good and interesting story. The twists and turns in this movie will leave you laughing, smiling, and exclaiming “They got cha”. If you like political intrigue you will like this movie.

Performance of the Actors: Everyone played their role to the point of perfection. The “godfather” was good and perfect. I love the line in part 3 “call it rebranding if you like” and “ you’re the oh , oh seven of our country” lmao double 0 seven dumb-dumb would have been easier. Lol. And further more in the world of blackberry how dare you have a Motorola razor as your phone senator. I cannot tell you more, it will ruin the movie.

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