Sunday, October 24, 2010

Room Service 1,2 & After the Service 1,2

Starring: Bimbo Akintola as Lillie, Van Vicker as Derek, Mercy Johnson as Gina, Browny Igeoegwu as Val, Nuella Njubuigbo as Anita, Queen Neaokoye as Juliet

Genre: Romance

Overall: A star is born, every woman's dream man....... a harmless date with one of his female fans caused a deep melancholy and even apparent madness. He walked into his fans room and mistaken the housekeeper for his date. Instead of telling him the truth. She agreed to go on a date with him. An impostor is on the loose........ long - running obsession with conceited identity. Her identity was revealed, the drama now begins.

My rating is: 75%

Should you watch it: This movie was a good watch. I enjoyed myself. It was far from perfect but still good. I loved the way Bimbo played this one. The part of the spoiled brat had me laughing at the foolishness. And Van LOL can you have your PA wipe your ass as well? LOL it was too funny.

Performance of the Actors: I really liked the acting in this movie, It was too long as usual for me but otherwise good. The character development was smooth. You got to see various parts within them all seeking for love and understanding, forgiveness and healing. Usually when subjects of this nature are dealt with in Nollywood/Gollywood there is too much shouting and tears.( sorry Mercy you laid them on thick this time)

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