Monday, October 11, 2010

Painful Sin

Starring: Van Vicker as Max, Jim Iyke as Tony , Mercy Johnson as Adora , Olu Jacobs as Chief Dom, Eve Esin as Gina

Genre: Drama

Overall: A son`s pasionate dislike for his father drives him to a life of crime. A daughter takes after daddy`s wayward ways. When a family is soaked with immorality, calamity must surely visit.

My rating is: 20%

Should you watch it: Only if you have nothing else better to do

Performance of the Actors: Surprisingly I thought that with such a well rounded cast this movie would have been better. Nolywood you disappoint me. How many sucky movies do I have to watch in order to find a good one? UGH! Anyways the real culprit behind the massacre of such talent is really the writing and the producing of this movie. It should have been way better. It is obvious there will be a part 3 & poss


  1. It rily sucks save for the young girl who played the role of a receptionist...grow up nollywood!

  2. Painful sin: my star actress Annabella zwyndila, she kept me glued to my tv; I and my causin kept wishing to see more of dat girl is good! Jim also tried thou I xpected more frm our "celebs" gdluck!