Saturday, October 9, 2010

Too Much 1 & 2

Starring: Nonso Diobi as Richard, Uche Jumbo as Phina, Ngozi Ezeonu as Anutie Susan, Kizzy Kanu as Tanya, Seun Akindele as Roland.

Genre: Drama

Overall: What happens when you spare the rod and spoil the child? Following their parents untimely death can two sisters pull through and navigate the world of fortune and responsibilities?

My rating is: 60%

Should you watch it: It was ok to watch. Passed the time well enough.

Performance of the Actors: Nonso, Nonso, Nonso. Just when I think you have departed the ways of wooden acting it creeps up again. But then again part of the problem with the acting of everyone including Uche was the story line. The concept is good but the execution........much to be desired. I was surprised because the Desmond Elliot attachment but not all that glitters is gold.

Over all the character development was weak. And the over acting had me bored from the word Go.

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