Friday, October 22, 2010

Royal Treasure PT 1,2,3,4

Starring: Olu Jacobs as King, Van Vicker as John, Chika Ike as Princess Adaeze, Ali Nuhu as prince Ezenwa, Mandy Eze as Nneka

Genre: Romance

Overall: Caught in the middle of their new romance is John (Van Vicker) a college graduate seeking a job and Nneka (Mandy Eze) who's life is now dependent on her first love. John secures a job and leaves the village to pursue a better future but little did he know that their intimate relationship is developing a baby in Nneka's womb. Will he stand up to the test of Princess Adaeze in the city?

My rating is: 80%

Should you watch it: Good old fashioned love story

Performance of the Actors: I was surprised the actors played their parts very well. This movie was way to long for me 4 parts really wasn’t necessary. And part 1 and most of part 2 could have been done in a 20 minuet flash back. Now I do not advocate flash backs but for sure it would have been useful. It took me three days to watch this movie the first two parts were SOOOOOO boring until near the end of part 2 in which it actually picked up my interest. The script was well written even if not completely executed with the direction. Again here comes the half assed editors the slap that van received was held by the camera way too long that should have been a cut and next scene since the slap sounded very feminine anyways. Well so much for perfection.

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