Saturday, October 23, 2010

Blindfold Pt 1,2


Starring: Yemi Blaq as Fred. Omotola Jalade Ekehinde as Bibi, Jackie Appiah as Mya,

Genre: Romance

Overall: Bibi and Fred are childhood friends As youngsters and did everything together but they lost touch after graduating. Now a few years later their paths meet again and the Bibi has transformed from the tom boy to the beautiful swan. Will Fred take notice and realize he loved Bibi all along?

My rating is: 75%

Should you watch it: Helped me fold my laundry and passed the time. Overall good watch

Performance of the Actors: What can I say all three of my sexy actors were in this movie. I think the emotions were there the story was there the buildup was there and then as usual the ending sucked. The rant by the jilted husband was wack and running off to not even see a kiss by the true love birds in the end was disappointing. But that’s why they call them oldies but goodies.

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