Sunday, November 7, 2010

Princess Myra 1,2,3,4 AKA War & Romance

Starring: Desmond Elliot as Ogidi, Nonso Diobi as Ugonna, Mike Ezuronye as Ezenne, Patience Ozokwor as Queen, Biola Ige as Mira /Myra, Chukwuma Uchebgu as Baron

Genre: Romance / Drama

Overall: The mystery behind the princess is worth fight for because her beauty, splendor, prestige and majestic influence is more than what the naked eyes can see. A royal secret surrounds her but none of the men is ready to let go. They are fighting tooth and nail just to get the attention of the princess. Best friends are now dire enemies and enemies and enemies are becoming friends for the same matter. The princess is kidnapped. Who amongst the men in question is doing this?

My rating is: 5%

Should you watch it: If it’s only to see Mike, Nonso and Desmond in all their sexiness then you are good Otherwise don’t waste your time.

Performance of the Actors: Truthfully I don’t know if it was the acting, the script, the production, the direction or the entire concept of this movie but it was pure TRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really did you really think this movie was going to fly? The initial concept was good. Three childhood friends meet up again in Nigeria and run a successful business to distinguish themselves. It looks like nothing could stop them then they meet a girl.... blah blah blah. Also going against this movie was the absolutely annoying acting of the Baron. Rally you watch too much BET if you think that is an ameriacan accent and that is the way that people speak! It was the most annoying this and I have to admit that I had to fast forward his parts. N Please do not watch this movie unless you are board or tired!

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