Sunday, November 14, 2010

Royal Lust 1,2,3,4

Starring: Patience Ozokwor as Queen Mazulu, Livinus Nnochiri as Igwe, Emmanuella Njubuigbo as Omali, Mike Ezuruonye as Onochi, Susan Ezeuo as Chioma, Vivian Reinl as Sonia.

Genre: Drama/Comedy

Overall: There's a persistence of unfaithfulness and mistrust in this royal family. The queen is craving for romance but not from the king but one of her male servants. They both exploit the king into kidnapping him for a ransom of millions of naira. is the king also running after the maidens? The saga continues when their only son; the prince returns from overseas? Will he help solve the unfaithfulness of the palace?

The prince returns from overseas with yet another problem. The death of his mother the queen is too much for him to comprehend. He comes home with a would-be-wife whose persona is nothing to ride home about. She in question finds the heart of her wound-be-husband's father the king. Their romance creates anger and pain until the inevitable happens. who pulls the trigger and to whom is the trigger targeted.

My rating is: 70%

Should you watch it: For a good laugh and well rounded story. YES

Performance of the Actors: I think it was good, I wasn’t expecting too much from the servant roles yet it was well blended in to the story line. As for Mike you know I love ya! LOL the slapping scene was hilarious. And the shouting scene with the fiancĂ© and the sister” Try me in this palace and I will send you back to your homeland by email” LMAO!!!!! Priceless. Patience is my girl you made me laugh and the scenes and the outfits were on point. Even though part 1 & 2 were too long for me in the end they caught up with part 3 & 4. Good Job!

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