Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Turn me on 1&2

Starring Jackie Appiah, John Dumelo ,Yvonne Nelson, Kofi Adjorlolo,Benjamin Kwadey, 
Genre :Drama, Suspense , romance, Greed ,

Overall: Mr Buckman lives for the moment, enjoying every piece of his wealth. But all too soon, he was met with a shocking and untimely death. The news simmered and spread in a flash, and his children who once cared less of his existence surfaced glamorously, not just to mourn their fathers death, but more purposely for a share of the wealth. Faced with an unassuming surprise for qualification as respective beneficiaries, an expos of greed, witty canniness, and disharmony ensued in a frantic effort for a share of the cake.

My rating is: 85%

Should you watch it:  yes you should. Although  I am sick and can' t stay awake for a long time this movie kept me wanting for more  and more .  The blackmail,  killing and so on.......... The only thing that annoyed me a bit is the fact that new stories line  were coming  in along the way. Oh by the way the lovely John Dumelo is gay in this movie.
Performance of the Actors: Everyone  played their part really well . I have much love for the ghanain movies , Much of their storied are  better than naija movies.

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  1. my little John John is gay again! Bulderdash he needs to continue to make good movies and come off this angle