Monday, January 10, 2011

Crazy Scandal 1,2,3

Updated now that I have watched part 3

Starring: Nadia Buari as Samantha, Juliet Ibrahim as Nicole, Artus Frank as Jeff, Prince David Osi as Kay,

Genre: Drama

Overall: This drama is about two young couple that met and got married. They decided to get married, but then the husband decided to embarrassed the family on their wedding day. He decided that the relationship was void of love. They lived apart form each other with their new love, but they later met and things got really dicey. Watch and decide if this is love or lust

My rating is: 60% Changed to 20%

Should you watch it: while doing laundry or with nothing else better to do

Performance of the Actors: Truthfully I loved Nadias crazy ways it’s a different side of her acting the acting could have been better but in the end they pulled off a good movie watch out for part 3
Ok, OK I know what you must be saying.  How in God’s name could it get any worse?  Trust me it was a total surprise to me too.  What started out as a decent movie found its self in the” movies you shouldn’t watch” list.  Poor sound, lighting, story, acting, random acts of nonsense were abound so much in part 3 that It made part 1 & 2 useless.  Still loved Nadia’s craziness but ultimately it was a flush down the toilet.  Sorry guys you are some of my fave actors but I don’t know whom to blame for this one a travesty all around.


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