Tuesday, January 11, 2011

4 Play Reloaded Pt 1,2,3

Starring: Majid Michel as Alvin, John Dumelo as Rex, Jackie Appiah as Jezel,Omar Sherif Captin as Jayke, Roseline Ngissah as Angie, Yvonne Nelson as Chloe, Juliet Ibrahim as N, Yvone Okoro as Ruby, Eddie Watson Jnr. as Eric

Genre: Drama/ Romantic

Overall: Is it love or just a game? The chit chatting and lamentations never end, with mixed fortunes of agonizing and joyous experiences. Escalations in relationships saddled with broiled tests of fidelity. Enduring all the entanglement amongst four friends was trepidations, and the inclusion of a fifth attempts to derail the fragile serenity. Whereas 4play was an ensued tale and did unfold crunched and relatable episodes of inadmissible reality; 4play reloaded leaves you in total captivation and awe

My rating is: 98%

Should you watch it: YES...YES...YES

Performance of the Actors: For those who didn’t know now you know. Juliet Ibrahim is preggers. No it’s not acting because her face shows it and you hardly see her in this movie she delivered of a bouncing baby Boy and we say CONGRATS. Children are truly a blessing.

My baby John Dumelo aka Rex is at it again ladies I’ll tell you something if you catch your man cheating be mad but not surprised! Migid Michel aka Alvin is forever the womanizer has some of the funniest scenes in this movie. I was laughing my ass off. There are two new editions which I think were well thought out Yvonne Nelson aka Chloe and I love this couple they are cute and sexy together. You have the here Yvonne’s prayer in part one... classic I must admit I used to pray like that when I was young looking for love! LOL Ruby and Jake are still at it but Jake and trying not to be GAY. Apparently he was raped as a child and didn’t understand a woman’s love they. As for the others life goes on everyone played their part exactly to a T. It didn’t get 100% because of the ending but I was entertained regardless.

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